Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Understanding Of Women , And The Correct Way To Eat A Bun.

Hello Internet People of both Genders,

We have this sweet old lady living here at the home, her name is Ellen, and yesterday my grandchildren visited me and they brought with them some very delicious home made buns. So today (because it was late when they visited yesterday) I brought the buns out in our "recreation area", and wanted to share them with the other citizens here.

A bun.
This is a very normal bun without any extra on it. To just eat them this way is very delicious, but I normally like them with a little marmalade (strawberry preferably)  or brown cheese (brunost in Norwegian) on, but this is of course completely individually how one prefers them. Most people like buns, and they are very easy to understand, they are just buns to eat. Therefor the correct way to eat them is just with normal sharing, proper decency and table manners.

Big Gunnar is of course involved in almost everything that goes on, so he will demonstrate the two types of buns I like.

Big Gunnar and a bun with strawberry marmalade.

Big Gunnar and a bun with brown cheese.

Big Gunnar also likes these two variations of toppings on buns, so he ate both after the demonstration.

Big Gunnar has eaten the two buns with different variations of toppings.
(The small crumbs we save to feed the little and big birds.)

So in the recreational room I offered the now newly named "Buns of recreation" to everyone sitting there, and I had brought some strawberry marmalade and brown cheese, when I came to offer Ellen a bun, I asked how she liked to eat them, just so I could add the proper topping, and then she answered:
"I like to eat the buns alone." I found this a bit strange, but on the other hand maybe she did not want people seeing her eat, or she maybe used the bun eating time as some sort of personal meditation or something, what and how people favor to do their different types of business is not for me to judge, and I just thought I maybe should some day try to eat a bun alone also. So as the proper gentleman I want to be, I immediately offered to leave the room so she could eat a bun alone, I of course tried to have the other guests in the room leave with me by shushing them along in front of me on my way out. "Ellen wants to eat a bun! So lets give her some personal space!" I said while simultaneously shushing the best I could. Shortly after Big Gunnar found me and told me Ellen felt very lonesome in our recreation room.
I of course hurried back to her and apologized for me being so incredibly rude, after Big Gunnar explained to me why and how I had been so incredibly rude. It turned out that she only enjoyed the buns without any additional topping, and I of course totally agree that this was all my fault, but to my defense I was very busy putting strawberry jelly on my own bun, and therefor I obviously forgot how to be a gentleman. The first law of being a gentleman is to understand your fellow humans( and of course all life actually) but almost most important the ladies, and if we find ourselves in any situation where we do not completely understand (this can happen sometimes) what they want, we should always ask, but of course try to ask in a way that makes them believe we have already understood what they meant, and thereby almost gives them a compliment by asking a little more, this is nice and a help both for them and for us, and should be a continuing quest for any proper gentleman, always. I have told Ellen "next time we can eat the buns alone together".

Treat the ladies properly, and show respect for others choice of how they like to eat their pastries, but when in doubt ask at least twice, it is after all just a small part of trying to be a gentleman.


  1. Hei Bjørn Henrik Johansen!

    Ja, og det blir ikke lettere med alderen, men kanskje morsommere.

    Beklager at jeg svarer så sent,

  2. Så herlig blogg du har. Den første bloggen av dette slaget som jeg har vært borti, men det finnes sikkert flere på verdensbasis! Tenk å være så lun, høflig og morsom som deg. Blir helt rørt her jeg sitter. Er også svært imponert over engelsken din. Håper du har det fint der du bor, og at du har en deilig søndag.

    Hilsen Anette 26 år.

  3. Hello Old Man Gilbert, I am writing to thank you for this blog, it is very refreshing and amusing, and gives me great gladness that there are still people in the world who know how to be a "real human". I see that this post was a couple of years ago, and hope that you are still feeling good and enjoying life.

    We all have so much need for your wisdom, share it as long as you can please.

    Wishing you the most happy day, and thank you!

    Cheers, Lisa H. (USA, Oregon)

    Best wishes :)